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Understanding Antarctic Bottom Water (AABW) and its affect on global ocean circulation.

Antarctica's hidden world - Antarctica's Gamburtsev Province

AGAP exploration of Antarctica’s hidden world

Exploring Antarctica’s ‘ghost mountains’

BAS field assistant Terry O'Donovan at Turtle Rock. Note assorted granitic erratics in the till at his feet. In the distance are Dorrel Rock and Mt Takahe (a 3500m-high volcano).

ANiSEED – AmuNdsen Sea Embayment Exposure Dating

This project will reconstruct millennial-scale ice sheet change in the western Amundsen Sea Embayment, Antarctica, using high-precision exposure dating.

Antarctica Digital Database Screenshot

Antarctic Digital Database

The SCAR ADD is a seamless compilation of topographic data for Antarctica to 60°S.



understanding whats beneath the ice, opens new opportunities for detailed modelling of the past and future evolution of the Antarctic ice sheets

Interior of old Base V hut, View Point, 1956 (ref: AD6/19/3/D25)

British Antarctic Oral History Project

Capturing the reminiscences and memories of those involved in British polar science

Antarctic clam shell


Pushing forward our understanding of calcium production in the marine environment


Cambridge Centre for Climate Science

CCfCS promotes interdisciplinary research in climate science across the wide range of departments and institutes in Cambridge.

Changing biodiversity

Baseline study to monitor how marine biodiversity will respond to climate change


Data Access System

An online data access tool to discover, visualise and access the BAS scientific data holdings quickly and easily.

DATA AS ART #5 genetic heat map - springtail


visualising BAS polar data sets to create art works that engage, inform and inspire

Sculptured blue iceberg in North Bay, Rothera Point , Adelaide Island

Discovery Metadata System

A web-based system to discover polar datasets collected by UK funded scientists.

Sea urchin (Sterechinus neumayeri)


European Marine Biological Resource Centre

BAS twin otter aircraft on the Antarctic ice sheet.

ESA IAP ArcticSat project

Situational awareness in the Arctic

EU Polarnet header image


EU-PolarNet will develop and deliver a strategic framework and mechanisms to prioritise science, optimise the use of polar infrastructure and broker new partnerships

A fern fossil (Lophosoria cupulatus) from Snow Island. (Scale bar = 1 mm)

Geological Collection

Contains over 200,000 individual rock and fossil specimens collected from Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic islands and thousands of meters of sediment core from the surrounding seabed.

Module H2 being towed to Halley VI site

Halley Research Station relocation

Antarctica’s first re-locatable research station will move to a new site by 2017

Cladonia sulphurina.  Factory Cove, Signy Island,  South Orkney Is.

Herbarium Collection

A collection of dried plant specimens from the Antarctic, sub-Antarctic and surrounding continents.

JCR geordie lift - weddell sea pbu


physicists, chemists, biologists, economists, and sociologists from 21 institutes in 11 countries across Europe assess the rapid retreat and collapse of Arctic sea-ice cover

RRS James Clark Ross in Northern Marguerite Bay, off Adelaide Island, Antarctica


The EC-funded ICEMAR project is a GMES pilot service delivering sea ice information products directly to ships navigating through sea ice in the Arctic.


Impact of global disturbances on evolution of polar life

Why does global biodiversity show such a steep increase just as climates were deteriorating?

iSTAR2014-2015_AT_L 074

iSTAR – Stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet

NERC-funded mission to understand the stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet

Antarctic Ice Shelf lit by the midnight sun

iSTAR-A Ocean2Ice Processes and variability

iStar-B strives to better understand ocean and ice interaction, processes and variability


iSTAR-B Ocean circulation and melting beneath the ice shelves of the south-eastern Amundsen Sea

iStar-B studies ocean circulation and melting beneath the ice shelves of the south-eastern Amundsen Sea

iSTAR2014-2015_AT_L 250

iSTAR-C Dynamical control on the response of Pine Island Glacier

iStar-C – strives to understand the dynamical control and response to change of Pine Island Glacier

Dr Robert Mulvaney with an ice core during the iStar traverse

iStar-D The contribution to sea-level rise from the Amundsen Sea sector of Antarctica

iStar-D will identify the potential contribution to sea-level rise, from ice locked in the Amundsen Sea sector of Antarctica

Geophysics Data Portal

Marine Geophysical Data Portal

An interactive web tool allowing users to search for and visualise marine geophysical data collected on UK research vessels in the polar regions.

Marine Metadata Portal

Marine Metadata Project

The Marine Metadata Project aims to enhance the availability and accessibility of BAS marine data.

MASE header


Mars Analogues for Space Exploration

Antarctica's hidden world - Antarctica's Gamburtsev Province

NERC Airborne Geophysics Data Portal

The NERC Airborne Geophysics Data Portal provides direct access to airborne survey data.

The mountains of Svalbard taken of a flight from Longyearbyen to Ny Alesund.

NERC Arctic Office

The NERC Arctic Office, at BAS, manages the UK Arctic Research Station at Ny-Ålesund on Svalbard and is closely linked to the NERC Arctic Research Programme


Polar View

Polar View delivers information about sea ice direct to ships operating in the Southern Ocean.

Brittlestars (Echinodermata, Ophiuroidea)

Reproduction in a changing world

Reproductive capacity and success of marine animals



South Georgia Marine Biodiversity Database (SGMarBase)

South Georgia GIS

South Georgia GIS

A web-based rapid visualisation and download tool for topographic, management and scientific data about South Georgia.

The shadow of RRS James Clark Ross seen on the vast sea ice expanse.


TEA_COSI assesses Arctic Sea-ice which has an important impact on currents and ocean circulations around the globe