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AIMP: Air Infrastructure

Start date
16 May, 2022
End date
16 May, 2032

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Here we go again…

14 March, 2023 by Christopher Robert Lloyd

Christopher Robert Lloyd, Associate Project Manager at Ramboll is currently working at Rothera Research Station on the construction of the Discovery Building for the Antarctic Infrastructure Modernisation Programme (AIMP). In …

New season begins for Antarctic Infrastructure Modernisation programme

2 December, 2022

The next phase of the Antarctic Infrastructure Modernisation programme (AIMP) is set to begin with a 6-month construction season at Rothera Research Station. The station is the UK’s largest Antarctic research and operations hub that supports leading researchers in frontier science in the region. 

Dash-7 aircraft

The De Havilland Canada Dash-7 (DHC-7) is a key element of our aircraft capability.  This four-engined aircraft with a worldwide reputation for reliability, economy and performance made its first flight …

Twin Otter aircraft

The Twin Otter is a high-wing, twin-engine, turbo-prop aircraft. They are used all over the world and are known for their rugged construction, reliability and short take-off and landing performance. …

Rothera Research Station

The largest British Antarctic facility is a centre for biological research and a hub for supporting deep-field science.

Rothera runway

The runway at Rothera is 900 metres long (2,950 ft) and is made of crushed rock. To the west of the runway lies the aircraft hangar, which houses the Dash-7 and three Twin …