Student Training and PhD Opportunities

There are currently over 100 PhD students associated with our organisation and nearly half of these students work full time at our offices and labs in Cambridge. Students have full access to our state of the art research facilities and some have the opportunity to carry out research in the polar regions. We strongly encourage the pursuit of interdisciplinary projects, and there is the opportunity to work with teams at the forefront of global change and exploration science in both polar regions.

Our projects for 2020 are now live. These will be in partnership with our Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTPs) and Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs).

Each DTP and CDT has its own separate application process and deadline, so please check the relevant DTP sites for more information and funding eligibility.

Candidates are encouraged to contact the prospective lead supervisor to discuss the project before applying.

BAS is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion and works with its partners to deliver this commitment.



Formal applications should be made using the Cambridge University Applicant Portal.  Closing date: Noon, 7th January 2020

CE103: *Priority CASE Project* Ice to Iron

Supervisors: Dr Peter Fretwell (Lead Supervisor, BAS), Dr Alexander Piotrowski (Cambridge University), Dr James Smith (BAS)

CE107: Quantitative Ecology of Antarctic Benthic Communities

Supervisors: Dr Rowan Whittle (Lead Supervisor, BAS), Dr Emily Mitchell (Cambridge University), Dr Huw Griffiths (BAS)

CE110: Shrinking Sea Ice – reconstructions from ice cores

Supervisors: Dr Liz Thomas (Lead Supervisor, BAS), Dr Chiara Giorio (Cambridge University), Dr Rachael Rhodes (Cambridge University)

CE111: Melting ice cores

Supervisors: Dr Liz Thomas (Lead Supervisor, BAS), Prof. Eric Wolff (Cambridge University)

BC112: Resistance of Antarctic marine species to predicted freshening and lower salinity in the Southern Ocean

Supervisors: Prof. Lloyd Peck (Lead Supervisor, BAS), Prof. Elizabeth Harper (University of Cambridge), Prof. Melody Clark (BAS)

CE115: Imprinting solar and orbital signals on Greenland and Antarctic ice cores

Supervisors: Dr Louise Sime (Lead Supervisor, BAS), Dr Francesco Muschitiello (Cambridge University), Prof. Paul Valdes (University of Bristol)

CE122: Do extra-terrestrial impacts offer global stratgraphical markers?

Supervisors: Dr Victoria Peck (Lead Supervisor, BAS), Prof. Christine Lane (Cambridge University), Dr Iris Buisman (Cambridge University)

CE126: Ice sheets, fans and drifts: how glacial-marine processes and climate change have built the West Antarctic continental margin

Supervisors: Dr Robert Larter (Lead Supervisor, BAS), Prof. Julian Dowdeswell (Scot Polar Research Institute), Dr Claus-Dieter Hillenbrand (BAS)

CE141: North-South Asymmetries in the Polar Atmosphere

Supervisors: Dr Ingrid Cnossen (Lead Supervisor, BAS), Dr Michael Herzog (University of Cambridge), Dr Andrew Kavanagh (BAS)

CE137: Sea salt from blizzards above sea ice – magnitude and climate impacts of a new particle source in a warming world

Supervisors: Dr Markus Frey (Lead Supervisor, BAS), Prof. Eric Wolff (University of Cambridge), Dr Xin Yang (BAS), Dr Anna Jones (BAS)

SE138: Modelling the lithosphere and dynamic topography of the Antarctic continent

Supervisors: Dr Fausto Ferraccioli (Lead Supervisor, BAS), Prof. Nicky White (Cambridge University), Prof. Jörg Ebbing (University of Kiel)

CE118: Carbon monoxide in ice core bubbles: can an atmospheric history be obtained?

Supervisors: Dr Rachel Rhodes (Lead Supervisor, Cambridge University), Dr Liz Thomas (BAS), Dr Chiara Giorio (Cambridge University)

CE134: Lifting the veil on past changes in the oxidative capacity of the atmosphere

Supervisors: Dr Chiara Giorio (Lead Supervisor, Cambridge University), Dr Liz Thomas (BAS), Dr Alex Archibald (Cambridge University)

CE140: Machine Learning for past climate reconstruction: Identifying AMOC variations using proxy-climate fingerprints

Supervisors: Dr Francesco Muschitiello (Lead Supervisor, Cambridge University), Dr Scott Hosking (BAS)

BC126: Signals of long-term change in marine invertebrate skeletons – analysis of samples over 50 years in cockles across Europe

Supervisors: Prof. Elizabeth Harper (Lead Supervisor, Cambridge University), Prof. Lloyd Peck (BAS), Dr Alistair Crame (BAS)



Formal applications should be made to the university of registration which can be located in the project details. Closing date for applications: 23:59, 15th January 2020

CLARK_PBAS20ARIES: Mapping Antarctic marine microbial diversity and identification of bioactive molecules with an emphasis on antimicrobials

Supervisors: Prof. Melody Clark (Lead Supervisor, BAS), Dr Kerry Howell (University of Plymouth), Prof. Matthew Upton (University of Plymouth)

FREY_UBAS20ARIES: Unravelling the mysteries of air quality above polar snow and ice using the isotopic fingerprints of reactive nitrogen

Supervisors: Dr Markus Frey (Lead Supervisor, BAS), Prof. Jan Kaiser (University of East Anglia)

MARSHALL_UBAS20ARIES: Arctic climate extremes: the role of changing interactions between atmospheric modes

Supervisors: Dr Gareth Marshall (Lead Supervisor, BAS), Prof. Ian Renfrew (University of East Anglia), Dr Scott Hosking (BAS), Dr Julie Jones (University of Sheffield)

OGORMAN_E20ARIES: The Changing Nature of Antarctic food webs

Supervisors: Dr Eoin O’Gorman (Lead Supervisor, University of Essex), Dr Simeon Hill (BAS), Dr Michelle Taylor (University of Essex), Dr Philip Hollyman (BAS)

SUNTHARALINGAM_UENV20ARIES: CO2 Uptake by the Southern Ocean: Using atmospheric measurements to understand the key processes

Supervisors: Dr Parvadha Suntharalingam (Lead Supervisor, University of East Anglia), Dr Anna Jones (BAS), Dr Andrew Manning (University of East Anglia), Prof. Corinne Le Quere (University of East Anglia)

TRUEBANO_P20ARIES: Adapting to climate change: transgenerational acclimation as a mechanism of rapid evolution

Supervisors: Dr Manuela Truebano (Lead Supervisor, University of Plymouth), Prof. Melody Clark (BAS), Dr Helen Findlay (Plymouth Marine Laboratory), Dr Enrico Rezende (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile), Dr Peter Cotton (University of Plymouth)



Formal applications should be made directly to the University of Southampton.  (Note – Direct links are not available, projects are listed alphabetically via the NOC PhD Projects Tab). Closing date for applications: 3rd January 2020.

Antarctic benthic Mollusca: biodiversity, community and functional group structure in habitats influenced by varying ice-cover and the Weddell Gyre

Supervisors: Dr Katrin Linse (Lead Supervisor, BAS), Dr Phillip Fenberg (University of Southampton), Dr Huw Griffiths (BAS)

The physics and biology of the ocean carbon sink: how air-sea interactions affect organic carbon uptake and sequestration in the Southern Ocean

Supervisors: Dr Dan Jones (Lead Supervisor, BAS), Dr Adrian Martin (National Oceanography Centre), Prof. Alberto Naviera Garabato (University of Southampton), Prof. Eugene Murphy (BAS)

What controls the flows and mixing rates around Southern Ocean seamounts?

Supervisors: Dr Alexander Brearley (Lead Supervisor, BAS), Prof. Alberto Naviera Garabato (University of Southampton), Dr David Smeed (National Oceanography Centre), Dr Andrew Meijers (BAS)

What controls the warming of the Antarctic Bottom Water supply to the Atlantic Ocean?

Supervisors: Dr Povl Abrahamsen (Lead Supervisor, BAS), Prof. Alberto Naviera Garabato (University of Southampton), Dr Eleanor Frajka-Williams (National Oceanography Centre), Prof. Michael Meredith (BAS)

Antarctica before ice sheets: polar climate history of past greenhouse worlds

Supervisors: Dr Steven Boharty (Lead Supervisor, University of Southampton), Dr Claus-Dieter Hillenbrand (BAS), Associate Prof. Richard Levy (Victoria University Wellington), Prof. P Wilson

Holocene reconstructions of terrestrial habitats and dispersal pathways in the Antarctic Peninsula and sub-Antarctic Islands

Supervisors: Dr Sandra Nogue Bosch (Lead Supervisor, University of Southampton), Prof. Peter Convey (BAS), Prof. Mary Edwards (University of Southampton), Dr Dominic Hodgson (BAS)



Iapetus2 projects are listed below. Applications must be made to both the lead supervisor and the Iapetus2 online application portal.  Closing date for applications: 17:00, 10th January 2020.

IAP2-19-078 Carbonate Counter Pump in the Southern Ocean: who is driving carbonate production and export?

Supervisors: Dr Clara Manno (Lead Supervisor, BAS), Prof. William Austin (University of St Andrews), Dr Gabi Stowasser (BAS)

IAP2-19-114 Recreating the South Orkney Ice Cap: a sentinel of Antarctic Ice Sheet change?

Supervisors: Dr Kelly Hogan (Lead Supervisor, BAS), Dr Stewart Jamieson (Durham University), Dr James Smith (BAS), Dr Claire Allen (BAS)

IAP2-19-126 High resolution simulations of Antarctic ice sheet loss

Supervisors: Dr Louise Sime (Lead Supervisor, BAS), Dr Pippa Whitehouse (Durham University)

IAP2-19-190 Reconstructing variability of the ‘cold water route’ through the mid to late Pleistocene

Supervisors: Dr Vicky Peck (Lead Supervisor, BAS), Prof. Erin McClymont (Durham University), Dr Paola Moffa-Sanchez (Durham University), Dr Claire Allen (BAS)

IAP2-19-26 Transforming fractures – coupling deformation, heat and fluid flow within the Earth’s evolving oceanic lithosphere

Supervisors: Dr Christine Peirce (Lead Supervisor, Durham University), Prof. Richard Hobbs (Durham University), Dr Robert Larter (BAS)

IAP2-19-046 The topographic and structural evolution of Antarctica 

Supervisors: Dr Stewart Jamieson (Lead Supervisor, Durham University), Dr Neil Ross (Newcastle University), Dr Fausto Ferraccioli (BAS), Dr Fiona Clubb (Durham University)

IAP2-19-065 Iceberg Calving in West Antarctica

Supervisors: Prof. Doug Benn (Lead Supervisor, University of St Andrews), Dr Robert Larter (BAS), Dr Anna Crawford (University of St Andrews)

IAP2-19-094 The Southern Ocean’s role in CO2 change

Supervisors: Dr James Rae (Lead Supervisor, University of St Andrews, Lead Supervisor), Dr Claus-Dieter Hillenbrand (BAS), Dr Andrea Burke (University of St Andrews), Dr Thomas Bauska (BAS)



Details on how to apply can be found in the individual project descriptions. Closing date for applications: 16:00, 6th January 2020

Deconstructing the Falkland sediment drift – Implications for Patagonian Ice Sheet and Antarctic Circumpolar Current evolution during the Plio-Pleistocene

Supervisors: Dr Ian Bailey (Lead Supervisor, University of Exeter), Dr Sev Kender (University of Exeter), Dr Vicky Peck (BAS), Prof. Emrys Phillips (British Geological Survey), Dr Dave McCarthy (British Geological Survey)

Dynamics of the Antarctic Atmosphere – From the Surface to the Edge of Space

Supervisors: Prof. Nicholas Mitchell (Lead Supevisor, University of Bath), Dr Tracy Moffat-Griffin (BAS)

Quantifying temperature change in the sub-Antarctic

Supervisors: Dr David Naffs (Lead Supervisor, University of Bristol), Dr Angela Gallego-Sala (University of Exeter), Dr Steve Roberts (BAS)

Biologging marine predators in the UK and overseas

Supervisors: Dr Matthew Witt (Lead Supervisor, University of Exeter), Dr Martin Collins (BAS), Dr Serena Wright (CEFAS), Dr Lucy Hawkes (University of Exeter), Dr David Righton (CEFAS)

Adaptations of Antarctic Penguins in a Rapidly Changing Environment

Supervisors: Dr Jane Younger (Lead Supervisor, University of Bath), Dr Philip Trathan (BAS), Dr Araxi Urrutia (University of Bath)


Formal applications must be made directly to the University of Leeds via their online portal.  Closing date for applications: 19th January 2020.

Antarctic Grounding Line Migration from ICESat-2 Altimetry

Supervisors: Dr Oliver Marsh (Lead Supervisor, BAS), Dr Anna Hogg (University of Leeds), Prof. Helen Fricker (Scripps Institution of Oceanography)

Blue Carbon Change of Polar Continental Shelves with Ocean Colour & Current Dynamics

Supervisors: Dr David Barnes (Lead Supervisor, BAS), Dr Andrew Fleming (BAS), Dr Christian Maerz (University of Leeds), Dr Sian Henley (University of Edinburgh)

Unveiling the 4D Variability in the Lithospheric Cradle of the Antarctic Ice Sheet

Supervisors: Dr Fausto Ferraccioli (Lead Supervisor, BAS), Dr Chris Green (University of Leeds), Dr Noel Gourmelen (University of Edinburgh), Prof. Jorg Ebbing (Kiel Marine Science)

Image Processing and Machine Learning Applied to Earth Observation of the Cryosphere

Supervisors: Dr Robert Bingham (Lead Supervisor, University of Edinburgh), Dr Hamish Pritchard (BAS), Dr Noel Gourmelen (University of Edinburgh)

Faster, Greener, and more Competitive? How will Vegetation Alter in a Changing Arctic?

Supervisors: Dr Claudia Colesie (Lead Supervisor, University of Edinburgh), Dr Matthew Williams (University of Edinburgh), Prof. Peter Convey (BAS)

Using Satellite Data to Understand the Influence of Marine Biogenic Activity on High Latitude Clouds and Climate

Supervisors: Dr Daniel Grosvenor (Lead Supervisor, University of Leeds), Dr Jane Mulcahy (Met Office), Prof. Ken Carslaw (University of Leeds), Dr Tom Lachlan-Cope (BAS)

Using Earth Observations to Unravel the Greenland Dark Zone

Supervisors: Dr Jim McQuaid (Lead Supervisor, University of Leeds), Dr Duncan Quincey (University of Leeds), Dr Amelie Kirchgaessner (BAS)