GRADES-IMAGE: Aerogeophysical survey of the Evans and Rutford Ice Streams, and ice rises in the Ronne Ice Shelf, West Antarctica

Start date
29 December, 2006
End date
1 January, 2007

The GRADES-IMAGE science programme was a British Antarctic Survey-funded project over the Antarctic Peninsula and Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf.

The aim of the programme was to image englacial layering and bedrock topography over this sensitive catchment of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and Antarctic Peninsula. In total, this field campaign collected ~27,550 line-km of aero-geophysical data (including magnetics and radar data) over the Ellsworth Mountains, Evans Ice Stream and Carson Inlet, and Rutftord Ice Stream over 100 hours of surveying.

GRADES-IMAGE survey – Flight coverage
A person sitting in an aeroplane

Tom Jordan

Aerogroup Gravity STEM A

Geology and Geophysics team

Avatar photo

Hugh Corr

AprEs Radar Engineer STEM A

A man in front of a research station

Carl Robinson

Head of Airborne Survey Technology STEM A

Antarctic marine engineering team

A man smiling for the camera.

Hamish Pritchard

Glacial Processes Satellite STEM A

Ice Dynamics and Palaeoclimate team

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