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Polar engineers keep our world running!

23 June, 2023 Elen Jones

Elen Jones joined British Antarctic Survey as the Director of the Antarctic Infrastructure Modernisation Programme in April 2022 after 20 years as an Electrical Engineer in the railway, aerospace and construction industries. For this year’s International Day for Women in Engineering, Elen reflects on her experiences and the importance of encouraging others to join the field of engineering.

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Polar Passover

5 April, 2023 Alysa Fisher

Alysa Hulbert, is an Information Officer at British Antarctic Survey. She spent several months last year working in Antarctica, which coincided with the Jewish festival of Passover or Pesach פֶּסַח. …

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Growing beyond acronyms

31 May, 2022 Pilvi Saarikoski

You may have heard acronyms such as EDI, DEI, EDIA, JEDI, and wondered what they mean. They refer to issues including equity, equality, diversity, inclusion and accessibility, concepts that take on different meanings depending on the cultural and historical context they exist in.  Historically, and still today, we know that some people are systemically disadvantaged and marginalised in society, so whatever the acronym, inclusion work should generally try to dismantle and help unlearn prevailing unjust structural and cultural settings. 

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