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Signy Research Station Modernisation

Signy Research Station Modernisation

Signy research station is Britain’s only summer-only Antarctic research station, with the infrastructure left unattended in winter and recommissioned every November for the austral summer season. It is also one of the smallest stations, with between 8 and 12 science and support staff present on site each summer.

The existing buildings (see below) were constructed in 1996 and have since been left unoccupied over winter. Due to the severe conditions at Signy, increasing amounts of maintenance are now required to maintain services and operations. As a result, a full redevelopment of the station is a highly beneficial undertaking in the long term. All works will be carried out in accordance with the Environmental Protocol and permission granted by the FCO following submission of an Environmental Impact Assessment.

At present, Signy Research Station consists of four main buildings: Sørlle House, the top store, a generator/RO building and a bulk fuel storage building. There are also three subsidiary buildings – the oil spill response hut, lube store and hazchem store. External structures include a jetty and slipway. All of these structures are connected by a series of timber and steel walkways and ramps.

Current layout of Signy research station

The new station will improve the efficiency of operations at Signy, but it will also have a positive impact on the station’s end-users. Specific plans are under discussion.


Construction partner announced

4 January, 2017

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Signy Research Station

Signy Research Station is Britain’s sole summer-only station, and one of its smallest. The island’s abundant wildlife and greenery make it an ideal outdoor laboratory. Research at Signy focuses on …