Polar Regions in the Earth System (PolarRES)

Start date
1 September, 2021
End date
31 August, 2025

The Polar regions play a crucial role in balancing the global climate system – with the poles heating up much faster than the rest of the world. Yet, climate projections for the Polar regions still have significant uncertainties. This is hampering efforts to curb climate change and deal with the effects we already see at play – not only within the Polar regions, but also in Europe and the rest of the world. PolarRES will advance our understanding of how the climate of the Arctic and Antarctic will respond to future changes in the global circulation. PolarRES will also deliver new insights into how physical and chemical processes, crucial for atmosphere-ocean-ice interactions, can shape the global climate system.

There are still critical knowledge gaps regarding the impact of polar climate processes on multiple scales and how they are evolving with our changing global climate. PolarRES studies the interactions between the atmosphere, oceans, and sea ice in the Arctic and Antarctic. By understanding these processes and interactions along with their innovative storylines approach, PolarRES assesses how to make climate projections in the Polar Regions more reliable for assessing social and environmental impacts of climate change.

PolarRES Objectives:

A key outcome from the PolarRES project will be more confident climate change projections for
the Polar regions. This will enable better mitigation and adaptation actions in the polar regions.

The research data and knowledge from PolarRES will be open to the world through open-access publications, including Polar climate projections data. This will support impact assessments in all Arctic nations, both European and International.

PolarRES will produce legacy web portal where all results and deliverables will be available per theme, impact, and target group. This will ensure a lasting valuation of PolarRES’s findings.

External Collaborators:

Priscilla Mooney – Primary Coordinator Contact
Hannah Hayes – Communications and Dissemination Task Group
Ryan Weber – Policy Advice Task Group
Jørund Raukleiv Strømsøe – Coordinator Contact
Lars Fagerli – Coordinator Contact
Mona H. Horvei – Coordinator Contact
Erik Sandquist – Coordinator Contact