Biodiversity at BAS Cambridge

Biodiversity at BAS Cambridge

Biodiversity@BAS is an initiative formed by BAS staff. Adopting current NERC Biodiversity policy​ and working closely with BAS Estates and Environment Office teams, its goal is to assist with the management of the BAS Cambridge site.

The emphasis is on preserving existing wildlife habitats and working to sustain and enhance biodiversity. The group has placed bird boxes in various places across the site; look out for robin, great tit, blue tit, kestrel and tawny owl activity around these. Teams have been working, cutting back brambles and other invasive species from the meadow adjacent to the main entrance, and generating open water areas in our pond. We use low impact, environmentally safe management techniques (spades, shovels and shears!).

The key objective is to identify and implement management techniques which will as far as possible be sympathetic to wildlife and encourage native species, in order to sustain and enhance biodiversity across the BAS Cambridge site. As part of this initiative we will be recording, mapping​ and regularly reviewing habitats and species during the year, and writing about it in the internal magazine Icesheet​.

A man smiling for the camera.

Michael Dunn

Signy Island Science Manager

Ecosystems team

A person wearing a helmet.

Jennifer Jackson

Molecular Ecologist/Whale biologist

Ecosystems team

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Anna Malaos

Senior Environmental Manager

Environment Office team

A person standing on a snow covered mountain.

Mari Whitelaw

Scientific Data Manager (Biological Focus)

Information Services team, UK Polar Data Centre team