Biogeochemical processes and ecosystem function in changing polar systems and their global impacts

Start date
1 April, 2022
End date
31 March, 2027

Emma Boland

Ocean Adjoint Modeller

Polar Oceans team

Alexander Brearley

Independent Research Fellow

Polar Oceans team

Sophie Fielding

Zooplankton Ecologist

Ecosystems team

Jennifer Freer

Ecological Modeller

Ecosystems team

Kate Hendry

Ocean Climate Scientist

BAS-Arctic Working Group

Simeon Hill

Marine and Fisheries Ecologist

Ecosystems team

Dan(i) Jones

Physical Oceanographer (Adjoint Modelling)

Artificial Intelligence Lab, Polar Oceans team

Andrew Meijers

Deputy Science Leader, Polar Oceans

Polar Oceans team

Dave Munday

Physical Oceanographer

Polar Oceans team

Sally Thorpe

Ecological Modeller

Ecosystems team

Hugh Venables

RaTS Project Manager

Polar Oceans team

Emma Young

Ocean and Biophysical Modeller

Polar Oceans team

Funding addresses environmental challenges

27 June, 2022

British Antarctic Survey (BAS) scientists will investigate critical challenges facing the UK, thanks to new funding from the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). A £47m investment to several UK research …