Family and friends support

The BAS Human Resources Team supports the nominated contacts of people living and working in the Antarctic and the Arctic. We are here to try and alleviate any worries that family and friends may have, and are happy to be contacted with any query no matter how big or small.

In most cases a simple phone call to us can solve any problem.

We are also here to support families if a serious problem occurs. We recommend that any bad news from home should be relayed through the Human Resources Team and the Station Leader. In our experience it is much better for those working in the Antarctic to hear bad news in person rather than receiving an email.  This helps us also to give the individual appropriate support.

Contacting us:

During office hours (Monday to Friday 09:00–17:30) please call the BAS Reception desk and ask to be put through to a member of the Human Resources team.  For out-of-hours emergencies the duty the Security Guard will contact the on-call HR team member so that arrangements can be made for messages to be passed quickly to the relevant research station or ship.

Contacting you:

We will contact you on several occasions during the year with general information and specifically when your family member or friend is due to return home. It may however be necessary to contact you with more urgent information.
Please keep us advised of a contact address and telephone number at all times.



BAS has good email and telephone communication facilities at its research stations and ships.

Letters and small packages for research stations and ships

Mail should normally be sent by airmail to Stanley in the Falkland Islands (see addresses below) where it will be collected by the BAS ship, RRS Sir David Attenborough (or occasionally by tourist or Royal Navy ships and aircraft), and delivered to the research stations.

Sending letters and small packages (less than 2kg) should contain no more than one or two paperback books, CDs or DVDs, individual magazines or newspapers. Please ensure that you attach a customs declaration, available from the post office, to any small packages you send.  Air Mail usually takes approximately 14 days, and the weight limit is 2kg

Postal address for Research Stations:

Contact Name (forename and surname)
NAME OF RESEARCH STATION – e.g. Rothera Research Station
British Antarctic Survey
Falkland Islands
South Atlantic

Please note: For Halley, Rothera and Signy mail is only delivered between October and April (the Antarctic summer). Mail for Bird Island and King Edward Point (KEP) can be delivered throughout the year, but in the Antarctic winter deliveries will be very sporadic.

Postal address for Research ships:

Contact Name (forename and surname)
NAME OF VESSEL e.g. RRS Ernest Shackleton
British Antarctic Survey
Falkland Islands
South Atlantic

Parcels (more than 2kgs)

If possible we consider it best to use the Falkland Islands for parcel post. This is a surface only service (no airmail facility for larger parcels to the Falklands is available) and takes about 12 weeks. The cost of sending parcels can be very high and you pay for the type of service you want — the more expensive the better the service.

Parcel post to any South American country is unreliable at the best of times and parcels do not always get through. You should check with your local Post Office about regulations and delivery times. The system in Uruguay is that parcels are not delivered to the agent; our agents are notified of their arrival at the Post Office and have to collect them. Please, therefore, make sure that you allow plenty of time for parcels to arrive.

You are strongly advised to insure any parcel sent and you can obtain an advice of delivery certificate from the Post Office at the time of posting.

Sending mail to BAS ships during the UK summer months

During the UK summer months, mail should be sent to BAS Cambridge for forwarding on to RRS Sir David Attenborough.  Mail can be delivered throughout the year, but in the UK summer but we cannot guarantee when the post will get to the ship.

Contact Name (forename and surname), RRS Sir David Attenborough
British Antarctic Survey
High Cross, Madingley Road
United Kingdom