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The UK Polar Data Centre (UK PDC) is an interdisciplinary data centre supporting polar scientists across the UK on a range of grant-funded research projects. The scope of polar research extends from Antarctica to the Arctic, and most recently the Himalayan cryosphere. The PDC also works closely with other NERC Environmental Data Centres on managing data across all aspects of environmental science.

Our involvement begins before any data are even collected. The list below gives some examples of early-stage projects where we are supporting Principal Investigators with initial data management planning. More information on these projects can be found on Gateway to Research. To find out how the UK PDC can support you with the data management of your project, see the Data planning guidance page.


  • The role of Arctic sea ice in climatic and ecological processes
    Project reference: NE/L011859/1
    This project will develop records of past sea-ice dynamics largely using existing driftwood samples. After the analysis of the existing collections, new samples will be collected for key regions and periods.
  • Arctic Sea-Ice-Zone Blowing Snow – Contribution to Sea Salt Aerosol (ABSCISSA)
    Project reference: NE/M005852/1
    Measurements will be taken to confirm in the Arctic that blowing snow is indeed a significant source of sea salt aerosol in the region, and to determine and quantify the parameters that control its source strength.
  • BLACK and BLOOM: variations in the albedo of the Greenland Ice Sheet as a result of interactions between microbes and particulates
    Project reference: NE/M021025/1
    This project aims to be the first to examine the growth and spread of the microorganisms in a warming climate, and to incorporate biological darkening into models that predict the future melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet.
  • The Arctic Research Programme (ARP)
    Project reference: Various
    The NERC ARP is a collection of projects, with the overarching aim to “improve our capability to predict changes in the Arctic, particularly over timescales of months to decades, including regional impacts and the potential for feedbacks on the global Earth System”. Individual projects are listed on the ARP website.
  • Basal Properties of the Greenland Ice Sheet (BPoG)
    Project reference: NE/M000869/1
    This project aims to produce the ‘next generation’ bed elevation data set for Greenland and the coastal area including bathymetry. The result of this work will be data sets that will greatly advance our understanding of the sensitivity of the ice sheet to changes in atmospheric and oceanic forcing.



  • Bedmap Himalayas – Reconnaissance
    Project reference: NE/L013258/1
    The Bedmap Himalayas project aims to ground-test the optimum radar configuration for sounding Hindu Kush Himalayan glacier beds through debris cover.