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Out now, ‘Happy Midwinter, from King Edward Point Research Station’ – an interview with five of the intrepid winterers living and working through the dark and snowy season on South Georgia. The Midwinters Day celebration falls on the 21 June every year, marked with food, sport and the famous BBC World Service Midwinter Broadcast. Iceworld is available on your preferred podcast app.

Welcome to Antarctica. What’s it like living and working in one of the most extreme environments in the world?

Recorded at Rothera Research Station on the Antarctic Peninsula, the team talk extreme living, climate science, expeditions and becoming a community. From polar scientists to plumbers, these are interviews with ordinary people who are doing extraordinary jobs with British Antarctic Survey.

Iceworld is hosted and recorded by Nadia Frontier, and produced in partnership with Boffin Media.


Latest Episode

Welcome to the longest night of the dark Antarctic winter – and the biggest celebration in the polar calendar. Coming to you (almost) live from King Edward Point (KEP) Research Station on the sub-Antarctic Island of South Georgia, Nadia Frontier chats to five members of the team as they prepare their hand-made gifts, limber up for the station olympics, and think about friends and family at home.

Midwinter is celebrated every year on 21 June by all of the stations of different nations across the frozen South. This year, host Nadia is one of the nine intrepid winterers at KEP who will be marking their journey half way out of the dark.

Featured in this episode are: Winter Station Leader Cameron Fox-Clarke, Marine Biologist Katie Wells, Mechanical Maintenance Technician Ash Shinn, Doctor Tom Hubbard, and Boating Officer Louis Day.

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