Polar fieldwork opportunities

The Natural Environment Research Council welcomes funding proposals that request use of Antarctic and Arctic infrastructure operated by the British Antarctic Survey.  This section provides essential information about the application process and pre-deployment preparations.

Contacts – Antarctic Funding Office

Dr Martin Miller, Antarctic Funding Coordinator

Tel: 01223 221537

Email: [email protected]

Nicola Munro

Tel: 01223 221468

Email: [email protected]

Enquiries can also be made using the email address of the Antarctic Funding Office: [email protected]

For enquiries about the management and long-term storage of Antarctic data generated during NERC-funded projects, please consult the Polar Data Centre, which is based in the British Antarctic Survey: [email protected]

Contacts – NERC

Dr Ned Garnett, Head of Atmospheric and Polar Science

Tel: 01793 442543

Email: [email protected]

Dr Lisa Hole, Science Programme Officer

Tel: 01793 444077

Email: [email protected]