Antarctic Digital Database

Antarctic Digital Database

The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) ADD is a seamless compilation of topographic data for Antarctica to 60°S. The ADD is the place to view, query and download datasets such as the Antarctic coastline, contours and rock outcrop.

Version 7.2 was released in May 2020. Major data updates occur on a six monthly basis, minor updates and corrections are done as required.

The ADD is a service to the whole Antarctic science and logistics community, and as such we invite all users of the data to be active participants in improving its quality. New and updated contributions from users are very welcome. See further details on contributing feedback.

Visit the Antarctic Digital Database map viewer to visualise the available data.

Updated Mapping Datasets for Antarctica

12 May, 2020

A newly updated Antarctic Digital Database is released today (12 May 2020). Aimed at the science and logistics communities, the maps include updates to the ice shelf front around Thwaites …