Research projects



See also Polar Operations teams

A group of people on a boat in the water.

A new polar research ship for Britain: project delivery

A new research platform to put UK scientists at the forefront of polar science

Bird Island Research Station Modernisation

A new jetty and logistics facilities for Bird Island

Halley relocation

Halley Research Station relocation

In 2017 Antarctica’s first re-locatable research station was moved successfully 23 km inland to avoid the path of large cracks in the ice

King Edward Point Research Station

King Edward Point Research Station Modernisation

New mooring and boating facilities for South Georgia’s fisheries research station

The RRS James Clark Ross moored up at the new Rothera Wharf

Rothera Research Station Modernisation

Over the next decade Rothera Research Station will be upgraded to ensure its facilities keep the UK at the forefront of climate, biodiversity and ocean research.

Signy research station buildings with snow on the ground

Signy Research Station Modernisation

Modernising the UK’s summer-only Antarctic research station