Antarctic Coastal Winds

Improved projections of winds at the crossroads between Antarctica and the Southern Ocean

Start date
1 February, 2021
End date
1 July, 2024

Winds along the Antarctic coast are small scale but have global importance. Climate models must have a realistic representation of these winds as they influence ice shelves, sea ice and formation of the densest water in the world ocean. This project will improve observational knowledge of these winds and use this to both evaluate the current state-of-the art climate models and help make improvements for the next model generation.

A man smiling for the camera

Thomas Bracegirdle

Atmosphere, Ice and Climate Dep Science Leader

BAS-Arctic Working Group, Atmosphere, Ice and Climate team

A woman standing in front of a tree.

Hua Lu

Atmos Sci: Stratosphere/Troposhere Coupling

BAS-Arctic Working Group, Atmosphere, Ice and Climate team

External collaborators

Elizabeth Kent, NOC

Adrian Lock, Met Office

Joellen Russell, The University of Arizona, USA