Science careers

British Antarctic Survey employs over 200 people across many scientific disciplines, including:

  • Chemistry
  • Physical Sciences
  • Biological Sciences (including ecology and evolutionary biology)
  • Earth Science (including atmospheric science, geology, geophysics, glaciology and oceanography)
  • Environment & Information

Researcher come from a range of different disciplines including Research Scientists and Assistants, Technicians and Analysts.

Watch marine biologist Dr Iain Staniland talk about his work

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View our staff profiles or read about our teams to get an impression of some of the work, the working environment and the Antarctic conditions (in every sense).

A unique and remarkable opportunity

People who go to Antarctica are often amazed by what they see and do; the experience is in itself a primary motivation. There is the sense that British Antarctic Survey (BAS) is making a difference to understand key global environmental issues. Many cite the opportunity to work with a diverse range of people. There’s also the experience of being part of a unique organisation with a unique set of challenges. Working for BAS can provide  extraordinary opportunities for you to apply your specialist skills, knowledge and expertise. Enthusiasm for polar science and operations is evident
in all areas of BAS.

Research Fellowships

There are many ways to develop a science career with British Antarctic Survey.  For example the NERC fellowship scheme provides opportunities for outstanding early-career environmental scientists to devote their time to:

  • producing research of international importance
  • developing their research careers and research groups
  • developing into recognised science leaders

Working for BAS what that means for you

Whether you work at a research station, on ships, on aircraft or in Cambridge, BAS will support you to do your best. As an employee working in a public sector research organisation you have a responsibility not only to demonstrate excellence in what you do, but also to
be accountable to Government and the taxpayer. In return for your contribution you can expect to enjoy respect at work, numerous employee benefits, and to be part of a vibrant, internationally-recognised community.