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Environmental protection

As well as conducting globally important science, BAS fulfills its stewardship role by working to the highest environmental standards in all its operations and by playing a leading role in the Antarctic Treaty – the world’s most successful international agreement.

Crossing Drake's Passage. Waves crashing over the bow of the RRS Ernest Shackleton during a Force 12 storm.

Environmental protocol

The Protocol sets a framework for the comprehensive protection of the Antarctic environment

Champsocephalus gunnari - Mackerel Icefish. They can grow to over half a metre in length and feed predominantly on krill. They are widespread over the continental shelf of South Georgia and Shag Rocks.


Regulation of commercial fisheries in the southern ocean since 1982

Tellus South West map of the magnetic properties of the rocks below Devon and Cornwall. Experts will use this data to assess the extent and value of mineral deposits below ground (Credit: Tellus South West)


The Antarctic Treaty bans mineral exporation on the continent