BAS Ideas Day

Start date
1 October, 2018

The BAS Transformation Programme is a key driver of change across the organisation. Our ambition is to pull together our in-house expertise to rethink our future ways of working. In the autumn of 2018, the BAS Innovation team ran a series of brainstorming sessions with BAS Innovation Champions, and the thought of a BAS Ideas Day came to life.

The BAS Ideas Day (or BID) was run for the first time in December 2018. An online idea management tool was launched as part of the new digital workspace, and used to collect bold ideas from across the organisation, centring around future transformation. Following the idea collection process, the Innovation team together with the Transformation programme manager identified four key topics to centre the workshop around:

1. What can BAS do to help avoid global warming above 1.5C?

2. Sustainable transport to work

3. “Stupid things we do that we shouldn’t be doing”

4. How can we improve internal awareness and communication: breaking down silos.

Following the workshop, a 1.5 degree Steering group was formed. One of the key deliverables on their agenda is framing a sustainable travel strategy. The outcomes from the last two groups were handed over to the team delivering the new digital workspace, to identify effective ways of internal communication and skills sharing.