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Fit for the Future - transforming British Antarctic Survey

Start date
1 February, 2019

The BAS Transformation programme – Fit for the Future – aims to modernise, update and improve processes and systems across the operation to ensure the benefits of the Antarctic Infrastructure Modernisation programme are realised.

Our strategic priorities​​ are to:

  • Reshape science for more success
  • Create an effective organisational structure that enables a skilled and expert workforce to flourish
  • Realise the benefits from infrastructure modernisation and capital investment in BAS
  • Deliver smarter, more efficient and integrated business systems and processes
  • Embed environmental​ and financial sustainability across the organisation


To realise the aspirations of the Antarctic Modernisation Portfolio, namely:

  • enable and support frontier science
  • invest now to reduce costs, improve environmental footprint, and enhance efficiency across all areas of BAS
  • maintain a strong geopolitical presence through the provision of high-quality physical infrastructure and high impact outcomes from a world-leading science programme


  • Assurance and compliance – to strengthen BAS’ safety organisation and to put safety at the front of everything that we do.
  • New Operating Dynamic – to develop operational models to support introduction of single ship operations and new infrastructure.
  • Enhance financial efficiency – to develop cost reporting and financial processes to meet wider audience needs.
  • Grow skills and capability of our people – to develop a long term work force plan that supports benefits and future commitments.
  • Reshape BAS science – to develop a long term vision for BAS science, and ensure it is aligned to new funding mechanisms.
  • Digital Transformation – to streamline, integrate and rationalise business systems across BAS.
  • Develop positive relationships – a robust communication plan to ensure we are meeting the needs of all of our stakeholders and strengthening links with the wider science community.
  • Modernise organisational structure – to ensure we have the right people in the right place with the right skills.

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