Bonner Laboratory featured at Global Biodiversity Festival 2021

16 June, 2021

Rothera Marine Biologist Nadia Frontier and Rothera Marine Assistant Ryan Mathews spoke about the work of the Bonner Laboratory and dive facility at Rothera Research Station during the Global Biodiversity Festival 2021 (20 – 23 May). The full recordings are available to watch below!

Nadia Frontier | Diving into Antarctic Habitats

Nadia is a Marine Biologist working with the British Antarctic Survey at Rothera Research Station (67° South). Polar ecosystems host some of the most understudied marine habitats – in which the resident animals conceal many secrets yet to be uncovered. Working as a year-round researcher in Antarctica provides a unique opportunity to improve understanding of Antarctic habitats, how they function and what roles species play in the ecosystem. Nadia discussed how the team use SCUBA as a tool to access their ‘underwater office’ and offers insight into the applicability of Rothera research to global issues.


Ryan Mathews | Water Sampling at the Bottom of the World

Ryan is a a marine field scientist working with the British Antarctic survey. Ryan’s work involves collecting and processing water and biological samples in Antarctica throughout the year using small powerboats and SCUBA. Ryan talks about the Rothera Oceanographic and Biological Time-Series (RaTS), initiated in 1997 at Rothera Research Station, Adelaide Island on the Western Antarctic Peninsula. The aims of the RaTS study is to a) identify the relationship between the oceanographic parameters and biological processes, b) to understand how key ecological processes are affected by the seasonal temporal forces.



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