Ice chemistry laboratories

Cambridge, UK

Lat. 52°12'44"N, Long. 0°4'50"E

Ice cores from Antarctica and Greenland are drilled, processed and analysed by BAS scientists and engineers. Laboratory facilities in Cambridge allow the analysis and interpretation of ice cores dating from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of years old. The current facilities allow ice to be stored, processed and analysed, using a number of analytical chemistry techniques (e.g. ICP-mass spectrometry and Fast-ion chromatography) to provide information from the past to help to predict the future.

The Ice Chemistry Laboratories allow:

  • The ability to process cores and distribute carefully-handled samples to other specialist collaborators
  • Analysis of both liquid and gas phase multi-proxy elements of the ice core
  • The production of detailed records of climate change in the Antarctic Peninsula region over the last 2000 years
  • The interpretation of ice core records including climate and atmospheric modelling studies, aimed both at improving ice core proxies, and understanding the couplings and interactions between different parts of the earth-system.

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