Ice core chronologies from the Antarctic Peninsula: The Palmer, Jurassic, and Rendezvous age-scales

In this study, we present the age scales for three Antarctic Peninsula (AP) ice cores: Palmer, Rendezvous, and Jurassic. The three cores are all intermediate-depth cores, in the 133–141 m depth range. Non-sea-salt sulfate ([nssSO42−]) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) display marked seasonal variability suitable for annual-layer counting. The Palmer ice core covers 390 years, 1621–2011 C.E., and is one of the oldest AP cores. Rendezvous and Jurassic are lower elevation high-snow accumulation sites and therefore cover shorter intervals, 1843–2011 C.E. and 1874–2011 C.E., respectively. The age scales show good agreement with known volcanic age horizons. The three chronologies’ start and end dates of volcanic events are compared to the volcanic events in the published WAIS Divide core. The age difference for the Palmer age scale is ±6 months, Rendezvous ±9 months, and Jurassic ±7 months. Our results demonstrate the advantage of dating several cores from the same region at the same time. Additional confidence can be gained in the age scales by evaluating and finding synchronicity of [nssSO42−] peaks amongst the sites.


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16 February, 2022
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