8 October, 2016

Visitors to London this weekend have an opportunity to view a pioneering interdisciplinary exhibition that takes inspiration from nature using non-traditional materials.  Royal College of Art research student Wayne Binitie is collaborating with British Antarctic Survey as part of the Data as Art project. His glass and sound installation, based on centuries-old sounds trapped in glaciers, is exhibited this weekend at the Royal College of Art Battersea campus.

glass sculpture
Glass artist Wayne Binitie’s work

Visitors to S:Future are invited to explore Antarctica’s hidden and ancient past while also considering the glacial future in a provoking installation. Binitie presents a sound-and-glass installation based on his audio field recordings from ice cores that are drilled from ice sheets or glaciers and range across 800,000 – 1,000 years of geological time. The ice cores contain small bubbles of compressed air that make popping sounds from the ancient past and contain important records about the climate, he records these vibrations and the resultant patterns are cast in glass before being cut, polished and sculpted by hand into solid forms and surfaces.