Antarctic marine engineering team

The  Antarctic Marine Engineering Team is responsible for providing engineering support and expertise in the design, development, manufacture and support of equipment used to conduct BAS research. Disciplines include electronic, mechanical, software and communications engineering.

The team’s main function is to develop systems for science data acquisition purposes. The  requirements of these systems are often quite diverse and usually unique in their design. Much of the equipment is specially developed and is application specific. However, the group has developed equipment that has applications in other areas and where practical this technology has been utilised on other programmes.

The group provides support during many science programmes and has key responsibilities for marine science cruises and airborne survey work. Coupled with this is a requirement to provide engineering support in areas such as communications and systems monitoring.

The team has a very wide remit at BAS and is dedicated to providing a high quality engineering service to its users, whilst maintaining quality, flexibility and efficiency.

Michael Rose

Head of Science Engineering

Carl Robinson

Head of Airborne Survey Technology

Peter Enderlein

Head of AME Mechanical Engineering

Scott Polfrey

Mechanical Engineer

Bjorg Apeland

Mechanical Engineer

Paul Anker

Drilling Engineer/Marine Tech

Neil Cobbett

Electronics Engineer

David Maxfield

Electronics Engineer

David Goodger

Electronics Engineer

Carson McAfee

Electronics Engineer

Mark Preston

Electronics Engineer

Julius Rix

Ice Core Drilling Engineer

Ross Sanders

Electronics Engineer

Seth Thomas

Electronics Engineer

Sarah Jacobs

Comms Engineer