Record low Antarctic sea ice cover in February 2022

On 25 February 2022 Antarctic sea ice extent (SIE) dropped to a satellite-era record low level of 1.92 × 106 km2, 0.92 × 106 km2 below the long-term mean. The area of sea ice was also at a record low level of 1.24 × 106 km2. Although no individual sector was at a record low, at the minimum there were negative sea ice anomalies in all sectors of the Southern Ocean, with the largest in the Ross (contributing 46%) and Weddell Seas (26%). The Amundsen Sea Low had a record low depth in October/November 2021, with a series of very deep depressions giving strong offshore winds. These accelerated ice loss during the melt season, creating a 1.00 × 106 km2 coastal polynya in the Ross Sea. In the northern Weddell Sea, westerly winds of record strength led to ice export from the region.


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Authors: Turner, John ORCIDORCID record for John Turner, Holmes, Caroline ORCIDORCID record for Caroline Holmes, Caton Harrison, Thomas ORCIDORCID record for Thomas Caton Harrison, Phillips, Tony ORCIDORCID record for Tony Phillips, Jena, Babula, Reeves-Francois, Tylei, Fogt, Ryan, Thomas, Elizabeth R. ORCIDORCID record for Elizabeth R. Thomas, Bajish, C.C.

On this site: Caroline Holmes, John Turner, Liz Thomas, Thomas Caton Harrison, Tony Phillips, Tylei Reeves-Francois
28 June, 2022
Geophysical Research Letters / 49
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