Station Support Assistant

The Station Support Assistants (SSA) are normally employed for up to 8 months at Rothera and Halley VI research stations

About the role

You will be responsible for undertaking all manner of domestic duties on station including catering duties, waste handling and laundry.

This is not your standard hotel or restaurant job. You will be a vital part of the station team. You will travel to Antarctica and as part of your day to day work ride skidoos, be part of the station emergency response teams, fly on small aircraft over the ice shelf’s or sail through the pack ice on one of our ice strengthened ships. The work will be hard but the memories will last for a lifetime.

The team of chefs and station support assistants work together to provide catering and domestic support for the science, support and construction teams on stations.


SSA duties will include among many:

  • Daily cleaning of all public areas, toilets & showers, corridors, and food stores. 
  •  Re-supply facilities with – toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, shampoo. 
  • Re-supply the mess areas with – tea, coffee, milk, cereals, butter, biscuits & snacks etc. – For mealtimes & tea breaks – make up milk & juices, lay tables, operate dishwasher, clear tables.  
  • Launder bed linen, towels & tea towels. Launder cloths and work wear for team.  
  • Assist the Chefs in re-supplying the kitchen stores. 
  • Handle all kitchen & domestic waste from public areas. Bale or shred as required (involves the use of simple industrial machinery).  
  • Bedroom change overs between incoming and outgoing staff.  
  • Assisting the chefs with food preparation.  
  • Washing up after mealtimes and assisting the chefs with kitchen pots.  
  • Tag board and sign out book oversight. Informing station management of people not returned by their due time. 
  • General hands during cargo operations.  
  • Night checks on key pieces of scientific and station infrastructure. 
  • Night time radio cover for field parties 
  • Any other duties as required by the Station Management. 

The SSA team will work a rolling rota to provide cover both days and nights. The role will involve working up to two out of six weeks on night shift. Some of the above tasks overlap between the night and day duties this is to give full cover in and out of the working day as appropriate. Night watch is “dry” meaning no alcohol can be consumed. 

Who can apply?

  • Experience of domestic duties/cleaning in a professional capacity.
  • In the last 12 months held a professional cleaning role in hospitality industry for at least six months.
  • Knowledge of COSHH regulations.


You can find the full job description and skills specification for this role here: Station Support Assistant – Antarctica

Vacancies are advertised from January to March.  Check out latest vacancies.

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