BAS Science strategy team

The BAS Science Strategy Team ensures that the organisation delivers world-leading science underpinned by a clear polar science strategy, that science in BAS is well-managed and has funding that is appropriate and secure.

Director of Science David Vaughan during a BAS BMT meeting
Director of Science David Vaughan

Terms of Reference

  • To develop, maintain and implement a science strategy that keeps BAS at the forefront of polar science, meeting the current NERC science strategy and delivering the BAS Vision
  • To ensure the delivery of the BAS science programme, assessing progress, and ensuring excellent scientific outcomes
  • To foster a vibrant and fertile intellectual environment within BAS, in which all scientists are challenged to develop bold and exciting scientific ideas, and to develop their personal and professional skills
  • To ensure that BAS leads and participates in scientific initiatives that lead to major advances in knowledge and expertise
  • To identify opportunities and ensure innovation, beneficial contact with stakeholders and to maximise the impact of BAS Science
  • To identify and initiate opportunities to maintain, diversify and increase funding available to BAS science; agreeing any changes or adjustments required ensure the sustainable funding of crucial science activities
  • To monitor performance of BAS’s science, and ensure its scientists perform in-line with the expectations of BAS and NERC, highlighting and praising excellence, and where required, implementing measures to improve performance
  • To identify, and seek to overcome, impediments to scientific progress; reporting those that cannot be overcome to the BAS Executive

Peter Convey

Terrestrial Ecologist


James Crame

Science Leader


Fausto Ferraccioli

Science Leader


Dominic Hodgson

Senior Sediment Scientist IMP 3


Paul Holland

Shelf Seas Group Leader


Richard Horne

Science Leader


John King

Senior Atmospheric Scientist


Michael Meredith

Science Leader IMP 2


Robert Mulvaney

Science Programme Coordinator


Eugene Murphy

Science Leader


Lloyd Peck

Physiologist Adaptations Lea IMP 2


Ali Teague

Postgraduate Student Coordinator


David Vaughan

Director of Science

BAS wins National Capability Funding

12 September, 2018

The British Antarctic Survey has been awarded National Capability funds for polar science which will strengthen UK national security, resilience, economic growth and societal benefit