Polar Operations teams

Operational support for UK polar research is managed by our Operations teams. The team covers a wide range of activities from managing Arctic and Antarctic Research stations, operating polar ships and aircraft.  Our expertise is in polar fieldwork planning, aircraft and ship operations as well as developing engineering and technology solutions for science.

Britain’s national polar research effort is supported by largescale infrastructure, services and facilities, and national-good services. Managed on NERC’s behalf by BAS, this support structure sustains a UK national capability in the polar regions to meet academic, policy and societal needs.

The Dash 7 flying over Ryder Bay before coming into land at Rothera Research Station.

BAS’ 2021-2022 field season has ended

27 May, 2022

The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) field season has finished for another year.   RRS Sir David Attenborough departed Rothera Research Station for the final time earlier in May and is …

Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica calves

26 February, 2021

A huge iceberg (1270 km²) the size of the county of Bedfordshire has broken off the 150-m thick Brunt Ice Shelf, almost a decade after scientists at British Antarctic Survey …

British Antarctic Survey season plan for 2020-21

9 June, 2020

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic  CAMBRIDGE: British Antarctic Survey (BAS) reveals more detail about its Antarctic season operational plan for the 2020-21 season. COVID-19 continues to present BAS with a …

Medical Evacuation Successfully Completed

1 October, 2018

A medical evacuation from the British Antarctic Survey’s (BAS) Rothera Research Station was successfully completed this weekend. The evacuation was a precautionary measure in order for the patient to be …

PRESS RELEASE: New season – ambitious science

23 November, 2015

New season tackles ambitious science and logistical challenges The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) 2015/16 field season is underway with dozens of scientists and support staff – together with planes and tonnes …

Solitude and Survival in the South

27 April, 2021 by James Bowyer

Doctor James Bowyer has just returned to the UK after providing medical cover for Rothera Research Station staff from 2019 – 2021. James shares his experiences of life and work …

Reflections on Isolation

3 November, 2020 by Matthew Phillips

Matthew Phillips reflects on his three periods of quarantine this year in preparation for working in Antarctica as Rothera Winter Station Leader. All staff deployed to Antarctica this season will …

Drilling for success

29 January, 2019 by Michael Dinn

In January 2019 a science and engineering team drilled over two kilometres through the ice sheet in West Antarctica using hot water.  It was the first time they had done this …