BAS Executive team

The BAS Executive Team is responsible for strategic planning.  Members advise and support the Director and help provide the overall leadership, direction and management of the Survey to achieve its mission.

Director of BAS Prof. Jane Francis
Director of BAS Professor Dame Jane Francis

Terms of Reference

  • Develop, update and communicate BAS strategy to ensure effective development of BAS into the future
  • Ensure strategies are in place for world class, high quality science with maximum impact
  • Develop strategies to ensure that operations, infrastructure, facilities, collaboration and capabilities can deliver the BAS mission
  • Encourage and facilitate appropriate business links for the commercial exploitation of BAS research and technical innovation
  • Ensure the proper management of BAS and its finances, in a manner that is open, provides value for money and ensures a sustainable future
  • Foster and develop a skilled and adaptable workforce that can meet future challenges
  • Ensure that BAS operates in a safe & healthy manner and with the minimum-practicable environmental impact
  • Ensure that BAS communicates its work and engages with the wider scientific community, decision-makers, and the general public



David Vaughan

Director of Science


Beatrix Schlarb-Ridley

Director of Innovations and Impact


Simon Garrod

Director of BAS Operations


Jonathan Ager

Programme Director - UK AIMP


Richard Horne

Science Leader


Linda Capper

Head of Communications


Steven Marshall

Head of Governance, Risk and Assurance


Mags Clark

Head of Finance


Julie Leland

Executive Support Team Manager

UK-Argentina science collaboration agreement signed

16 May, 2018

On Monday 14 May, the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and the Instituto Antártico Argentino (IAA) signed a memorandum of understanding that aims to provide a formal framework to joint scientific …

NEWS STORY: Evaluation shows BAS in good light

5 August, 2013

Independent evaluation of British Antarctic Survey research excellence The outcome of an independent evaluation of the research excellence within NERC (Natural Environment Research Council) Research Centres is published today. The …

Supporting equality, diversity and inclusion in science

3 August, 2020 by David Vaughan

“The best teams I have worked in have diversity and mutual respect as their foundation. I want science to lead in promoting and facilitating diversity, it will be stronger for it; and I want BAS to play a proactive and visible role in making this happen. As a Diversity Ally, I will be there to help.” –David Vaughan, BAS Director of Science

The Virtual Space Weather Modelling Centre

1 April, 2020 by Richard Horne, Sarah Glauert

Abstract The englacial stratigraphic architecture of internal reflection horizons (IRHs) as imaged by ice‐penetrating radar (IPR) across ice sheets reflects the cumulative effects of surface mass balance, basal melt,andice flow.IRHs,consideredisochrones,havetypicallybeentracedininterior,slow‐flowingregions.…

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