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Novel data visualisation: Climate Code

Start date
24 June, 2021
End date
31 December, 2021

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Project aims: Reaching new audiences – Conversation starter – Novel environmental data visualisation

One of the many questions we ask ourselves here at the British Antarctic Survey is “how do we increase the impact of our science, and communicate it efficiently to new audiences?” The main aim of this project was to demonstrate global warming and the proven link to CO2. We did careful consideration in crafting the final design that portrays various elements of the Earth’s climate system and records.

The main elements of this science story are:

  • Last 50 years of observational climate data from the Arctic
  • The 800 000 year Antarctic climate record that shows the historical link between CO2 levels and temperature
  • The Ozone hole and its effects on the Antarctic and global climate system

Our design brings all this scientific data and knowledge together, and explores the unique connections that highlight the unprecedented nature of our current changes in climate and levels of CO2.

External Collaborators

Andy Boothman, DressCode Shirts

Professor Ed Hawkins, University of Reading