Diversity in UK Polar Science Initiative – Key outcomes

Diversity in UK Polar Science Initiative – Key outcomes

The aim of this page is to outline key outcomes and timelines of delivery of the different stages of the Initiative’s activities. We will continue to update this as our planning and delivery evolves. If you are interested in finding out more about the resources we have created, please navigate to our resource page.

Initiative delivery – January 2022 onwards

September 2023 UK Arctic Science conference: ‘Inclusion and positive community action’ session Navigate to event page for most up-to-date information
Spring 2023 Safety Together working group: Bringing together Physical safety, Mental Health and Social Wellbeing Members of DiPSI contribute to bringing EDI perspectives to the work of the Safety Together group
October 2022 Formation of transient working group in response to reports from the Australian Antarctic Division and US Antarctic Programme. This group’s work led to establishing the BAS Safety Together working group. For more information please read the below reports
– Australian Antarctic Division report summary
– US Antarctic Programme report
September 2022 UK Antarctic Science Conference: Diversity in polar science Presentation on ‘Supporting and building Inclusive culture in the UK Polar Science community’ and panel discussion
August 2022 Scientific Committee of Antarctic Research, Open Science Conference: 3 presentations in ‘Inclusive collaborations in Antarctic research’ session Inclusion session & Inclusion workshop
Summer 2022 Participation in 10k Black Interns scheme hosting 3 interns within the British Antarctic Survey
July 2022 Launch of Vault anonymous reporting tool for behavioural incidents and concerns Vault is available for anyone across the UK Polar community using BAS logistics–more information is available through pre-deployment processes
April 2022 UK Arctic Science conference: Responsible and inclusive Arctic research session This was the first ever inclusion session at a UK Arctic science conference
March 2021 Creation of demographic survey for the Polar Science community including collection of EDI data and new questions aiming to understand the socio-economic composition of the community The survey was distributed at the UK Arctic and Antarctic Science conferences in 2022, outcomes were presented as part of the panel discussions at both events.
Spring-Summer 2022 Creation of Community Guide on Inclusive behaviours
Spring-Summer 2022 Review and rewrite of Code of Conduct for people living and working in the polar regions
October 2021-April 2022 Internship delivery 2022 Report: NERC-funded ring-fenced internships
September-October 2021 Application and interview process for internships: a total of 16 people employed on 15 projects
August 2021 Creation of EDI Internship scheme – funded by NERC

The first stage of the initiative – September 2019 to Spring 2021

The first 18 months of the DiPSI project have come to an end in Spring 2021, and the first stage report of this project is now available. The below table lists out the main outputs and activities created by the initiative between September 2019-March 2021. The detailed key-outcome evaluation is available from page 5 of the first stage project report.

MARCH-DEC 2021 Underrepresented students connecting programme – Polar Horizons 2021 Delivered online
OCT 2020-FEB 2021 Race Impact survey and report October 2020 – February 2021 Full report available via DiPSI website
MARCH 2021 Underrepresented students networking event – Polar Horizons March 2021 Delivered online
OCT-NOV 2020 Support and engagement for inaugural Polar Pride Day November 18th Polar Pride social event for polar community
2020 Diversity in UK Polar Science Initiative logo and the ‘line of diverse polar people’ graphic Visual assets created by BAS communications team
AUG 2020 Presentation and chair of panel session at Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) conference—Hobart Delivered online: DiPSI Research analyst invited as panel chair
MARCH 2020 Presentation to Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW) conference—Iceland DiPSI Research analyst invited as keynote speaker
SUMMER 2020 ONWARDS Supporting UK polar committees and groups with EDI expertise UK Polar Network (UKPN), among others
MARCH-DEC 2020 Engagement with key role models and keynote speakers for seminar series – Dr Karen Salt, Ben Merrick, Dr Ana Pereira-O’Callaghan, Dr Melissa Burt, Nicole Logan-Park, Dr Stephen Roberts, Camilla Nichol Recorded talks available on the DiPSI website
MARCH-DEC 2020 Engagement programme for underrepresented students  – Polar Horizons 2020 Online seminar programme, Programme report
SPRING 2020 Polar funding starting points document
SPRING 2020 Polar community contact list Available on DiPSI website
SPRING 2020 Underrepresented students’ engagement programme – Polar Horizons 2020: Launch & shadowing Launch day delivered in person at BAS
DEC 2019 Development of EDI 101 values and language presentation for BAS and polar community
DEC 2019 Citizen science project to target local BAME students – ‘Seals from Space’ Delivered in person at BAS
OCT 2019 Polar interest and inclusion calendar for engagement See appendix A
SEPT 2019 Data research comparison to UK Higher Education Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) students and UK Society
SEPT 2019 Data analysis from BAS Head count