PODCAST – Iceworld, Episode 1 – Maps

1 November, 2019

In the first of a series of Antarctic podcasts field guide Rob Taylor looks at mapping in Antarctica, the challenges of this work and how it differs from mapping elsewhere on Earth.

Episode 1

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Rob is works at Rothera Research Station, on Adelaide Island on the Antarctic peninsula. In a few weeks he’ll accompany a scientific party into the field to set up camp, before spending much of the Antarctic summer at Halley VI Research Station.  He will return to Rothera for the winter.

While in Antarctica Rob will create a science podcast series – ‘Iceworld’ –  featuring interviews with the people he meets in Antarctica; mostly glaciologists, climatologists, biologists and technical support staff.  He says

“I plan to focus mostly on the science, because it’s really amazing, cutting edge stuff, with some inspiring people behind it.”

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Rothera Research Station

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