Engineering facilities

RRS Sir David Attenborough

A new polar ship for Britain

  • Engines are designed to run as silently as possible, and special attention is given to avoiding sweep-down of bubbles around the hull that could interfere with acoustic sensors
  • Extremely low underwater radiated noise to avoid interference with survey equipment or disturbance to marine mammals or fish distribution
  • Dieselelectric propulsion system powered by the new Bergen B33:45 engines (two nine cylinder and two six cylinder engines)
  • 4.5m CP propellers in a Promas installation driven by two independent motors on each shaft
  • auxiliary thrusters to meet requirements for redundant propulsion and dynamic positioning
  • Handling systems will cover a wide range of tasks, for example subsea acoustic surveys and towing of scientific equipment with up to 12,000m of wire
  • Accurate dynamic positioning system to keep the ship in place during instrument deployment using Tees White Gill thrusters.