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Hua, atmospheric scientist

Born in China, Hua moved to Australia in 1993 where she completed her PhD. She was subsequently employed at the Commonwealth Science and Industry Research Organisation (Land and Water Division) in Canberra, as a Research Scientist.

Ten years later Hua relocated to Cambridge with her family.

“BAS is renowned for its cutting-edge science, and puts a great amount of emphasis on innovation, encouraging inter-disciplinary research. I believed working at the Survey would allow opportunity for ‘out-of-box’ type of thinking, and to meet experts in the field. I hoped I would be in a caring, family-friendly environment that encourages team-work and cross-field collaboration. Although I have only been here 5 months, I have not been disappointed.”

Solar Forcing and Climate Variability

“The job offered by BAS matches my career goals and research interests. I love research and enjoy the exploration and excitement it brought to me. Trained as a mathematician (but scared and bored by pure maths), I turned my career into environmental modelling. It turned out to be a quite enjoyable process. Understanding the possible connections between the Sun and climate variability sounds very interesting and exciting to me.

I am involved in a new 5-year programme called Sun Earth Connections (SEC). Within SEC, I work on the project called: ‘Holistic Links between Ionosphere, Stratosphere and Troposphere and their Influence on Climate’. I care about the environment and the climate. They are important parts of the natural resources we have. However, our understanding of the climate system remains rudimentary. My work will help improve our understanding about connections between the Sun and the Earth and its impact on climate change. To me, it is fascinating and a privilege.”

City life

“Cambridge is rich in culture and history, and is surrounded by beautiful rural landscape. An academic city during weekdays, it is full of exciting activities during weekends. Although I am not keen on the long dark winter nights, I do like the four distinct seasons the UK offers.”

Why BAS?

“If you are concerned about climate change and its impact on our daily life, come and join BAS. Face new challenges with open-minded scientists, and tackle those fascinating myths. The Sun, the Earth, and their interactions — our climate.”