Amelie, satellite meteorologist

Amélie is a native of Germany and was born in Husum, a beautiful town in Northern Germany.

Amélie was previously a Post-Doctoral student at the Meteorological Institute, University of Hamburg, working on boundary layer meteorology and atmosphere-sea ice-interactions.

Before she joined BAS, Amélie had limited knowledge about current research projects but knew that BAS was an internationally renowned institution for Antarctic research, as well as being in charge of supporting the British bases in Antarctica. Amélie said “I expected to work in a vibrant atmosphere, to meet lots of interesting people and to work in an institution where science has priority”.

It was a wish to be involved in polar science and BAS’s reputation as a great place to work that attracted Amélie as well as the opportunity to live in the UK and visit Antarctica.

The Role of Satellite Meteorologist

In simple terms, by comparing satellite data, ground based observations and airborne measurements the aim is to improve the information about clouds over Antarctica that can be retrieved from satellite data. At the moment that means a lot of data processing and programming.

Life at BAS:

“The atmosphere among colleagues at BAS is great”. Amélie especially enjoys the culture of having many internal seminars and presentations which give her the opportunity to learn about colleagues’ research topics.

Amélie likes living and working in Cambridge: “it’s not too big to cycle everywhere but big enough not to be boring!” she said. “It is very much influenced by the University, the colleges and the many students from all over the world — very colourful and multicultural”.

The downside of Cambridge for Amélie is that there are too many cars on the roads and “I miss German bread!”.