Preliminary Environmental Assessment


A Preliminary Environmental Assessment (PEA) form must be completed by the Principal Investigator of each project prior to commencement of the proposed fieldwork in Antarctica. It is a requirement of the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty (1991) and the UK Antarctic Act (1994, 2013) that all Antarctic activities be subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment.

Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment (PEA)

Please download the combined ‘PEA and Specialist Activity Permit Application‘ form and submit it electronically by 31st May each year to Nicola Couper-Marsh in the BAS Environment Office [email protected]

Once you have submitted your ‘PEA and Specialist Activity Permit Application’ it will be reviewed by the BAS Environment Office staff who will also discuss any Specialist Activity Permit requirements with you and issue permits as appropriate.

If your project is to be undertaken in South Georgia please go to the Permits page for further guidance.

Post-Season Environmental Review

All Antarctic projects which have been reviewed and assessed via a PEA must also undergo a retrospective review of their activities upon completion of the project. This must be submitted to the BAS Environment Office (as above) in the form of a EIA Post-Season Questionnaire upon completion of the project or by the 30th of April (whichever is soonest).

Guidance Documents

The following documents provide guidance for minimising impacts in the field.

NB Please note that the use of elemental mercury has been banned from use in all science, medical and operational equipment to be used on BAS ships and stations in Antarctica.