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Medical guidelines and forms

The BAS Medical unit is based at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust. Its expert staff review everyone’s medical status before deployment, both Arctic and Antarctic.

The BASMU 3 is the self assessment form that must be filled out for every deployment.

A medical done by a doctor (the BASMU 4) must be done on your first deployment, and thereafter according to age, unless requested by BASMU.

  • 5 yearly review medical until age 35
  • 3 yearly review medical thereafter to age 50 Annual review after 50

All papers are reviewed by BASMU on a case by case basis, depending upon the individual and the destination, and length of deployment.

Although Personnel will check that all staff on Antarctic duty are medically screened before travelling South, please note that it is also the responsibility of the individual to ensure they complete all the required procedures.

The “review” will continue to be either a full medical or consultation on the recommendation of BASMU and final decision on a member of staff’s fitness will rest with the BASMU Medical Director, Dr Matt Warner.

**UPDATE** Following an annual review, we are, as of the 2023-24 season, adding  ‘Anaphylaxis to food’ to the list of ‘Health conditions of concern’  in the document ‘Medical Aspects of Deployment to the Polar Regions’ (also known as BASMU 2). This document explains which conditions may prevent medical clearance for deployment.




Medical Guidelines/Requirements

(Please read first)
Medical requirements for BAS Antarctic / Arctic employment or deployment pdf | rtf
Medical insurance guidelines for Non BAS Staff pdf | rtf

Forms and Policy Documents

BASMU 1 – Antarctic Service Application Medical Form (if applying for employment with BAS) pdf|rtf
BASMU 2 – Medical Aspects of Living and Working in Antarctica pdf|rtf
BASMU 3 – Medical Questionnaire (Including Consent Form) pdf|rtf
BASMU 4 – Medical Examination Form (completion by examining doctor) pdf|rtf
BASMU 5 – Notes for Examining Doctor pdf|rtf
BASMU 7 – Antarctic/Arctic Summer season dental form pdf|rtf
BASMU 8 – BAS Wintering Staff Dental Assessment pdf|rtf

Flu Vaccination Certification –pdf|rtf

BAS Medical Requirement Check List pdf|rtf
BAS Immunisation Policy pdf|rtf

Alongside BASMU forms you MUST send BASMU a copy of your NHS Covid pass or equivalent