Guidelines & forms

This webpage aims to guide you through the documentation that you need to complete before you go to Antarctica or join one of our Research Vessels for a science cruise. Please read all the guidelines and policy documents carefully before filling in the associated form(s).

The forms must be completed and returned to us at the address below, as early as possible and at least 8 – 10 weeks before your planned trip.

The documents are available as either rtf format for which you will need a word processing package such as Microsoft Word, or in pdf format for downloading and printing, for which you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free from the Adobe website.

Forms to complete and return

1. Personal Details/Acknowledgement Form: pdf | rtf
2. Polar Clothing Form: pdf | xls
(only for completion by those requiring BAS issue polar clothing)

3. Personal Account Undertaking: pdf | rtf
4. Summer Visitors Charging Form pdf | rtf
5. Customer Creation Form pdf | xls

6. BT Odyssey application form: pdf
Return directly to BT in order to use phones whilst on BAS stations & BAS ships.

For further information on completing the forms above please read the following guidelines and policy documents.

Guidelines and Policy Documents

BAS Code of Conduct for those Living and Working in the Polar Regions:pdfrtf
BAS Policy on Alcohol and Drugs: pdf | rtf
Respect at Work: pdf | rtf

Personal Accounts Guidance Notes: pdf | rtf
Admin Notice – Personal Accounts: pdf | rtf

BT Odyssey application guidance: pdf
Communications onboard RRS James Clark Ross: rtf

Travel Information
Travel To/From Antarctica: pdf | rtf
Making your own way home; Questions and Answers: pdf | rtf

Medical Guidelines and Forms
For any queries relating to medical forms and policies please consult:

BAS Medical Unit (BASMU)
Tel: +44 (0) 1752 315220
Pete Marquis: [email protected]
Susan Lawrey: [email protected]