Antarctic requirements questionnaire

Upon successful funding of your project  you will be required to complete an Operational Support Planning Questionnaire (OSPQ) to ensure that BAS can incorporate your field work project’s requirements effectively into the complex logistics planning process and timelines.

Principal Investigators are requested to provide as much information within the OSPQ as possible. Deadlines are scheduled to harmonise with BAS Operations planning and/or externally imposed deadlines (including shipping deadlines), to ensure that potential problems are identified at an early stage.

Please contact the Polar Funding Office ( in the first instance who will provide you with access to the OSPQ.

Note that not all Sections of this form will be relevant to all projects. The questionnaire should be completed by the project Principal Investigator, or by persons authorised by the Principal Investigator. The Principle Investigator is responsible for the accuracy of information provided on this form.

The OSPQ form should not be used for Collaborative Antarctic Science Scheme. Please contact the Polar Funding Office in the first instance (