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Antarctic fieldwork requirements checklist


Principal Investigators are responsible for ensuring that the following actions are undertaken, to the stated deadlines, in preparation for fieldwork.

Action Deadline
Request a map to aid Antarctic fieldwork planning (if required)magic@bas.ac.uk 31 May
Complete the BAS Chemical Approvals Register (CAR) form (if applicable) 31 May
Discuss arrangements for importing biological samples back to the UK 31 May
Submit a PEA and ‘Specialist Activity Permit’ application form for all activities in Antarctica 31 May
Completion of science field project risk assessment 21 May
Completion of detailed project plan, Standard Operating Procedures and related risk assessments (e.g.COSHH) where applicable
All risk assessments must be completed and approved by BAS prior to commencing work. 
31 May
Submit a ‘Regulated Activity Permit’ application form for all projects in South Georgia 31 May
Complete summer visitor forms (includes medical forms, personal details forms etc) 8-10 wks prior to deployment
Ensure any equipment is suited for Antarctic operations 1 July
Discuss shipment of cargo to and from Antarctica 1 July
Identify fieldwork personnel 1 July
Ensure availability of fieldwork personnel for pre-deployment training September/ October
Arrange a Kitting Out Appointment  (Contact: Polar Clothing Store Manager: Matthew Cridland) 1 July