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Submitting a research proposal to NERC

Principal Investigators and researchers should discuss and agree their requests for polar fieldwork support with BAS at least three months in advance of NERC grant submission deadlines listed below. All research grant proposals to NERC should be submitted no later than the announced deadlines. Applicants should leave enough time for their proposal to pass through the UKRI Funding Service or Joint electronic Submission (Je-S) route before 16:00 on the closing date.

Proposals are assessed on their scientific excellence. NERC Moderating Panels meet annually in June and December to grade the proposals and make recommendations for funding. Applicants should adhere to the regulations set out in the NERC handbook.

Submission deadlines:

Email the Antarctic Access Office at BAS (afibas@bas.ac.uk) stating your name and institution. They will send you a link to the OSPQ portal along with instructions on how to complete your Pre-Award OSPQ.

Deadlines. Note that the submission deadline is 4 p.m. on the given date.

Funding call application deadline Deadline for submission of Pre Award OSPQ
Large grants – Outline proposals 7th March 2024,  full proposals – TBC 7th March 2024
Pushing the Frontiers  –   17th July 2024 17th April 2024
UKRI Future Leaders Fellowships – 18th June 2024 18th March 2024
NERC Independent Research Fellowships  – 8th November 2023 18th August 2023
Collaborative Antarctic Science Scheme – 15th March 2024 15th March 2024 – OSPQ not required, see CASS application form
All other NERC/ UKRI/ Other Research Council/ Other eligible non-UKRI funding calls (e.g EU, Leverhulme) 3 months before full proposal submission deadline


Applications for BAS Antarctic logistics support are welcome on other NERC/ UKRI/ Other Research Council funding calls (e.g. Directed calls), the Pre-Award OSPQ deadline will be 3 months before the proposal deadline, unless stated otherwise in the call.

Applications are also welcome on certain non-UKRI funding calls, including EU, ESA and the Leverhulme Trust.  For further information on non-UKRI funding calls please contact the Antarctic Access Office 

Process for Principal Investigators


Support with using the UKRI Funding Service can be provided by the Funding Service Helpdesk.

Further information on Je-S is available from the Je-S Helpdesk.