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Preparing a funding proposal to NERC

If you are considering a research proposal that requires fieldwork support in Antarctica or the Arctic this section will help you prepare your funding submission to NERC.

Funding proposal planning process

Scheduling of Fieldwork Support

Applicants should note that, for proposals submitted in response to NERC responsive mode funding opportunities during 2021 (including standard grant calls with closing dates in January and July 2021), the earliest Antarctic fieldwork season for logistic support of the funded projects will normally be 2022/2023. Although BAS will aim to support all the projects during that season, the timing of Antarctic fieldwork necessarily depends on numerous operational factors. BAS therefore reserves the right to decide on the timing of logistic support for individual projects, on the basis of the most efficient and effective use of its resources. For further information, please contact the Antarctic Access Office.

Regarding the scheduling of Arctic Fieldwork support, please contact the Arctic Office (arctic@bas.ac.uk) as early as possible.

BAS Polar Fieldwork Planning Process

The process BAS follows for polar fieldwork planning is detailed here.