Halley garage and mechanical workshop, Halley VI, Brunt Ice Shelf, Caird Coast

Lat. 75°34'5"S, Long. 25°30'30"W

Halley Research Station is the British Antarctic Survey’s most southerly Research Station and is built on a floating ice shelf. All the vehicles at Halley are tracked and can be operated down to temperatures of -40ºC. The vehicles at Halley are essential to the successful operation of the station and over the relief period they are required to work around the clock.

The Halley garage is built on skis and every year the building has to be repositioned using two large bulldozers. As well as proving vehicles for work purposes the Vehicles team provide vehicles for recreation trips to explore the local environment.

The garage facilities at both Halley and Rothera are well equipped and the vehicle mechanics are able to repair most breakdowns that may occur on site. Both garage facilities are heated and the mechanics have their own office. The stores hold a comprehensive array of stock items with the stock levels and maintenance records stored on a computerised planned preventative maintenance system (PPM). Mechanics are expected to use this system to carry out a yearly stock check and write reports. The ordering of spares is carried out by the Cambridge office and replacement stock reaches the Stations in the Antarctic summer by the Survey’s two ships.

The Vehicles team returns vehicles annually to the Cambridge workshops on a rolling programme to ensure reliability and in some cases to be tested and certified. Vehicle mechanics maybe required to work in Cambridge to carry out overhaul work as well as training and attending conferences before heading south to Antarctica.

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Benjamin Norrish

Head of Vehicles Section

Vehicles team