Alice Blane

Programme Administrator


Andrew Barker

FAC Integration Project Manager


David Brand

Senior Project Manager Rothera Modernisation


Joseph Stebbing

Project Manager Rothera Runway Upgrade


Katie Handford

Assistant Project Manager (Commissioning) AIMP


Ben Checkley

Assistant Project Manager AIMP


Clare Fothergill

Project Manager AIMP Rothera Renewable Energy


Natalia Ford

AIMP Sustainability Manager


Jenny Reavell

Risk and Assurance Manager


Graham Nightingale

Information Manager


Ingrid Richardson

Programme Planner


Kathleen Maclean

Project Communications and Engagement Manager


Jimmy Bellis

Senior Air Infrastructure Project Manager

Antarctic Runway is upgraded to support UK hub for polar science

4 March, 2024

As part of the British Antarctic Survey’s Antarctic Infrastructure Modernisation Programme (AIMP), the runway at Rothera research station has successfully been resurfaced by construction company BAM and the design completed by Ramboll. The station is a major hub for international science in Antarctica, and this significant achievement is a pivotal moment for BAS and the UK’s future polar research capabilities.

Modernising our stations: news from Rothera

29 February, 2024

We’ve been modernising our Antarctic infrastructure for future generations of polar scientists. Construction in the Antarctic is challenging and the Antarctic Infrastructure Modernisation Programme (AIMP) has made great progress at …

Update on construction season in Antarctica

12 May, 2023

Modernising Antarctic Infrastructure for Future Generations of Polar Scientists Specialist construction teams are travelling home to the UK after five months of work in Antarctica to modernise British Antarctic Survey …

Antarctica drawing competition launches

2 November, 2022

The British Antarctic Survey and its partners are launching a drawing competition for schools, to inspire the next generation of polar engineers, scientists and explorers. School children between the ages …

Katie’s Journey to Antarctica – Part One

2 April, 2024 by Katie Handford

As the Antarctic winter season fast approaches, we’ll be following the journey of one of the Antarctic Infrastructure Modernisation Programme’s (AIMP) Assistant Project Managers, Katie Handford as she gears up to spend winter at Rothera Research Station in Antarctica.

Polar engineers keep our world running!

23 June, 2023 by Elen Jones

Elen Jones joined British Antarctic Survey as the Director of the Antarctic Infrastructure Modernisation Programme in April 2022 after 20 years as an Electrical Engineer in the railway, aerospace and construction industries. For this year’s International Day for Women in Engineering, Elen reflects on her experiences and the importance of encouraging others to join the field of engineering.

Here we go again…

14 March, 2023 by Christopher Robert Lloyd

Christopher Robert Lloyd, Associate Project Manager at Ramboll is currently working at Rothera Research Station on the construction of the Discovery Building for the Antarctic Infrastructure Modernisation Programme (AIMP). In …

First journey to Rothera

1 February, 2023 by Kathleen Maclean

Simeon Anastasov, Principal Fire Engineer at OFR Consultants, is currently working at Rothera Research Station providing site supervision as part of the Antarctic Infrastructure Modernisation Programme (AIMP). In this blog …