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Emeritus Fellows

About the scheme

The BAS Emeritus Fellows Scheme provides distinguished former employees of British Antarctic Survey (BAS) opportunities to continue a professional association with BAS to pursue appropriate scientific and scholarly interests in a way that assists in the delivery of its Mission and enhances the reputation of the organisation.

Fellowships are awarded initially for two years and renewable subject to mutual agreement and at the discretion of the Director of Science. There is no maximum time limit.  Fellows  receive no remuneration from BAS.  Beyond this requirement, BAS Emeritus Fellows can pursue their interests and are free to propose work in any theme.


To receive an invitation to join the scheme prospective Emeritus Fellows should submit a written outline of proposed work and its expected outcomes.  The BAS Director of Science who will seek advice from senior members of BAS on the quality and appropriateness of the work proposed by the prospective Emeritus Fellow.


With the prior agreement of BAS Director of Science Fellows may use

  • their BAS affiliation when applying for certain grants to hold grants or contracts to support their work
  • a BAS email account
  • the BAS Library, and where appropriate, sponsorship to allow use of other libraries (e.g., University Library)
  • use of the BAS Letterhead for official business
  • a security pass allowing access to BAS Cambridge
  • networked computing facilities
  • hot-desk space

BAS Emeritus Fellows are expected to:

  • agree to a Letter of Understanding outlining their participation in the scheme
  • communicate their work through, high-quality scholarly outputs (e.g. research papers, book chapters, books)
  • indicate their scientific affiliation as BAS, or that they have a shared affiliation which includes BAS
  • undertake occasional presentations and seminars to BAS staff
  • where appropriate Fellows may be asked to engage in activities of value to BAS’s wider mission (For example, represent BAS at an external event; act as a scientific mentor for junior staff) ;
  • have regular contact with the BAS Director and staff and participate in an annual light-touch review of their activities
  • BAS Emeritus Fellows are expected to make themselves aware of, and adhere to, the same regulations and codes-of-practice regarding scientific practice to which BAS Staff are required to adhere