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Pre Award Operational Support Planning Questionnaire

All funding applicants whose  proposals will include fieldwork in the Antarctic (or at Signy Island, or at the subantarctic Bird Island) must complete a ‘Pre Award Operational Support Planning Questionnaire (OSPQ)’. This is an online form based on SharePoint which replaces the ‘Preliminary Request for Antarctic Logistic Support’.  The questionnaire should be submitted no later than three months prior to the submission deadline of the intended call.

Proposals which involve experimental investigations on any aspects of Antarctic fauna during the fieldwork may be referred to the Animal Welfare and Ethics Review Body, if the funding is successful. In such cases, Animal Welfare and Ethics Review Body approval is a prerequisite to BAS consenting to support the fieldwork. The Antarctic Access Office at BAS ([email protected]) will manage the approval request process.

If your project is completely ship-based there is no need for you to submit a Pre Award OSPQ. Applications should be made through the NERC Marine Facilities, details are given below. If your activity is both field and ship-based you will need to complete the Antarctic logistic support form (for field) and the NERC Marine Facilities forms.

Pre Award OSPQs are considered by a Logistics Panel, convened at the BAS, with representation from BAS Operations and Logistics; NERC Head Office; and the NERC Antarctic Access Office based at BAS. Feedback is supplied to applicants, from NERC Head Office.

Please note: Once approved, NERC will send you a PDF version of your ‘Pre Award OSPQ’ which must be included as an attachment with your funding application to NERC using the Joint electronic System (Je-S).

Approved requests will be valid for a period of 12 months only from the date of application.

Pre Award Operational Support Planning Questionnaire (OSPQ)

To complete a new questionnaire:

Email the Antarctic Access Office at BAS ([email protected]) stating your name and institution. They will set up a new questionnaire and send you the link along with instructions for completion.

Pre-Award OSPQ Deadlines:

NERC deadlines are shown in the table below. Note that the submission deadline is 4 p.m. on the given date.

For non-NERC funding calls please contact the Antarctic Access Office as soon as possible. Please note Pre-Award OSPQs must be submitted a minimum of 3 months before the full proposal deadline to be considered for support.

Funding call application deadlineDeadline for submission of Pre Award OSPQ
Large grants – Outline proposals 10th March 2020,  full proposals – 3rd November 202010th March 2020
Standard grants – 14th July 2020 21st April 2020
Standard grants  –  14th January 202014th October 2019
NERC Independent Research Fellowships  – October 2020 (date TBC)July 2020 (date TBC)

Please see the NERC website for further information and guidelines.

Ship-time and Marine Equipment application

Applicants should contact the NERC Marine Planning Officer, Natalie Clark  (email: [email protected]) at an early stage – before commencing the Ship-time and Marine Equipment application – to discuss project planning requirements.

Application process:

  1. Create a user account
  2. Complete the SME application form
  3. Submit the full proposal, using the online Je-S form, including the profile number generated from the SME form

Note that the requested length (days) of a marine science cruise should include:

  • sailing time from a departure port, such as Stanley (Falkland Islands);
  • time for mobilisation and demobilisation;
  • the actual number of days during which scientific operations will be conducted.

Apply to NERC

If NERC Marine Facilities (NMF) Sea Systems technical support and/or equipment from the National Marine Equipment Pool is required, then Principal Investigators must include an estimate of the associated costs in their full proposal application. Applicants should contact the NMF Sea Systems Programme Manager, Colin Day, (email: [email protected]) to discuss their requirements, so that an estimate of the total technician and/or equipment support cost can be determined.

Spares and consumables will be provided by BAS to keep on-board equipment operational. However, all project personnel are responsible for the provision of consumables needed for acquisition of scientific data for their project. For example: provision of XBTs, standard seawater, salinity bottle inserts and scintillation counter vials.