NERC Doctoral Training Partnerships

PhD Research Studentship Opportunities

Here at BAS we are committed to maintaining a strong and vibrant community of research students within the organisation.  We aspire to become a world leading centre for polar science and polar operations, addressing issues of global importance and helping society adapt to a changing world.

We offer an exciting variety of PhD Research Studentship opportunities on an annual basis. These studentships are in association with one of our five NERC Doctoral Training Partnerships and two Centres for Doctoral Training.

NERC Doctoral Training Partnerships

GW4+ – Great Western Four+ is designed to train tomorrow’s leaders in earth and environmental sciences which is led by University of Bristol.

C-CLEAR – Cambridge Climate, Life & Earth is embedded in the outstanding research environment of British Antarctic Survey and the University of Cambridge.  The DTP is organised around three major research themes: Climate Change & Environmental Processes, Solid Earth & Geological Hazards, and Biology & Conservation.

ARIES – Advanced Research & Innovation in the Environmental Sciences draws together expertise from five universities and nine research centres of national, and international importance. Led by the University of East Anglia’s world-renowned School of Environmental Sciences

INSPIRE – Interdisciplinary Southampton Partnership for Investigators Researching the Environment students is led by the University of Southampton with BAS as one of the host partners.

Iapetus2 – is the North of England and Scotland’s multidisciplinary partnership named after the ancient ocean that closed to bring them together.  Led by the University of Durham, and working in partnership with four universities and three NERC research centres for a united approach to doctoral research and training the next generation of leaders in the science of the natural environment.

Centres for Doctoral Training

AI4ER – AI for the study of Environmental Risks led by the University of Cambridge and partnered with BAS will develop a new generation of leaders in the application of AI to the most pressing environmental risks facing societies globally.

SENSE – Satellite Data in Environmental Science led by University of Leeds will train the next generation of earth observation leaders using both advanced data science and Earth Observation techniques.

BAS is situated on the West Cambridge campus of the University of Cambridge, approximately 1½ miles from the city centre by cycle link or bus. Although we are an entirely independent NERC Research Centre, we share a number of key facilities with the university, including libraries and sports centre.


Candidates should meet UKRI eligiblity.

Please direct any queries to Ali Teague, Postgraduate Student Co-ordinator.