The BAS Staff Forum

The BAS Staff Forum provides a platform for all BAS employees to contribute to our overall organisational and people development strategies in line with BAS and NERC cultural values, goals and objectives.

In doing so it seeks to uphold a culture where staff feel valued and respected, knowledge is shared and where learning and development opportunities are promoted and supported.

The Forum provides a platform to:

  • develop and promote an inclusive culture in which respect, equality, diversity, inclusion, and positive recognition of differences are all cultivated;
  • promote learning and development with a focus on skills enhancement, knowledge exchange, leadership and management;
  • make recommendations for the improvement of communication throughout the organization and in the promotion of a knowledge sharing culture;
  • raise issues and relating to staff well-being within BAS to relevant parties and departments for feedback and resolution;
  • review BAS “PRICE” cultural values to determine whether these are still relevant, appropriate and fit for purpose.
Staff Forum
The Bas Staff Forum

Working with HR, the Staff Forum organises a regular Staff Survey to monitor the satisfaction of BAS staff with senior management engagement, internal communication, work load, career development, and BAS culture. The Forum pursues and monitors resolutions to issues raised and disseminates progress to colleagues and relevant parties.

The Forum also considers best HR practice within and outside of NERC and will submit proposals to senior management for improvements and/or enhancements to our overall People, Skills and Culture strategy and delivery.