Workshop – Amundsen Sea Embayment Tectonic and Glacial History – Programme and Abstracts

Overall Objective: Review existing data and identify priorities for future geoscience research (terrestrial, marine and airborne) in the Amundsen Sea embayment (ASE) region required to develop a better understanding of the past, present and future behaviour of this sector of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS). Background: The ASE is the most rapidly changing sector of the WAIS and contains enough ice to raise global sea level by 1.2 m. Over the past few years considerable efforts have been made to acquire new data to improve knowledge of the geological structure, subglacial topography, continental shelf bathymetry and glacial history of this remote region. In this workshop we aim to review the current state of knowledge on the tectonic and glacial evolution of the Amundsen Sea embayment. Particular emphasis will be placed on work that will improve boundary conditions for ice sheet models (e.g. subglacial topography, shelf bathymetry, palaeotopography, heat flow and substrate types) and provide palaeo-data against which model outputs can be compared. There will also be a focus on plans and targets for future scientific drilling that will reveal the history of this sector of the WAIS and its sensitivity to major climate changes.


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Authors: Larter, Robert D. ORCIDORCID record for Robert D. Larter, Gohl, Karsten, Bentley, Michael J., Anderson, John B.

Editors: Larter, Robert D ORCIDORCID record for Robert D Larter, Gohl, Karsten, Bentley, Michael J, Anderson, John B

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12 September, 2011
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